All weather protection.

Don’t leave your products out in the sun and rain. Our Spandome structure has been popular sincet he 80s for weather protection and shading. These structures are a long-term solution and can be left out all year, in winter and summer. It is made of high-strength, flame-retardant, anti-fungal PVC-coated polyester fabric ordered from our European manufacturers. Spandomes are available with a square, rectangular or hexagonal layout, with straight or curved edges, in individual sizes, heights and colors, even with a logo or advertising inscription, according to your needs



Garage. Parking spot.

Don’t be fooled by the average pagoda look of our Minor tent. It is constructed from hot dip galvanized, cold bent, closed steel profiles and is constructed from our usual European made high tenacity, flame retardant and anti-fungal PVC coated polyester fabric. It doesn’t need a special foundation but can stay outside for many years in winter and summer. It is available in the colors you require, with high light transmission, crystal clear, or also opaque (i.e. non-penetrating) fabric. The structures can be connected together, can be supplemented with side wall elements, and can be used in a variety of ways, as a pavilion, warehouse, garage…


The airdomes are special, dynamic constructions whose fabric structure is maintained by blown air. It offers the opportunity for a temporary pillar-free space, most commonly used to cover tennis courts, indoor soccer fields and swimming pools. For thermal insulation, it consists of two or three layers, between which air is blown in, but it can also be thermally insulated, with the thermal insulation layer protected by a UV-resistant ceiling foil being held in place by a wire rope net. Of course, our construction is also suitable for wind and snow loads, most of our customers also use it seasonally and thus enable the use of outdoor sports facilities in the winter months.


Sport courts

Wherever ...
You dream it,
we create it

Our company works regularly with European and American companies, from the concept, the visual design, through the static calculations to the cutting plan and finally the fabrication in our thorough and controlled manufacture. With our decades of experience and our modern software, we can help you to concretize a concept with metal structure drawings, even wind tunnel tests with an eye on the practical implementation from the very first moment. The cutting of the fabrics is carried out with a cutting machine that guarantees high precision, the production is carried out with the greatest care, our machines are regularly tested, all measurements are checked and everything is documented.