Air dome with 3 layers (for 2 tennis courts) Dnyipro, Ukraine 2013

Our airdomes

The airdomes are special, dynamic constructions whose fabric structure is maintained by blown air. It offers the opportunity for a temporary pillar-free space, most commonly used to cover tennis courts, indoor soccer fields and swimming pools. For thermal insulation, it consists of two or three layers, between which air is blown in, but it can also be thermally insulated, with the thermal insulation layer protected by a UV-resistant ceiling foil being held in place by a wire rope net. Of course, our construction is also suitable for wind and snow loads, most of our customers also use it seasonally and thus enable the use of outdoor sports facilities in the winter months.

Interlock doors

Saving energy

Single layer

The single layer airdome has only one PVC layer. It’s a cheap option in case thermal isolation is not a requirement.

Double layer

In case of the airdome with double layer, air is pumped via a small additional fan between the two layers of PVC fabric, to create an air cushion for improved thermal isolation.

Steel wired

In case of the airdome with wire net, the main fabric, an insulating layer and a UV resistant foil are held in place by a wire net. This requires no additional fan as the thermal insulation is achieved by a separate layer. The main fabric can be reused more often as the UV resistant foil is protecting the inner layers from sunlight and weather.

Triple layer

The triple layer version is the most efficient if it comes to thermal isolation. As with the double layer, a separate fan is creating air cushions between the layers, but in this case there are two such air cushions between the outside air and the inside of the dome.